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Family Times

By Pastor Phil Konz | May 08

We are entering the time of year when special events seem centered around families. Mothers’ Day, Fathers’ Day, graduations and family reunions are times when families come together. Hopefully the gathering is celebratory. Unfortunately, family gatherings are not always happy times.  If the family is defined by legalities and genetics only, there is a chance […]

Pioneer Post – May 2018

By Robyn Taylor | May 08

Enjoy the May 2018 Post and be sure to check out:
– How to celebrate Family Times
– Summer camp registration
– Save the date for dedicating our World Peace Garden

What can we do about the culture of hate?

By Pastor Phil Konz | Apr 15

The first thing we need to do is be sure we do not join it. Jesus talked about removing the plank from our eye before trying to remove the speck in someone else’s eye.  The deeper understanding of this proverb is that the plank and the speck are made from the same substance. In modern […]

April 2018 Pioneer Post

By Robyn Taylor | Apr 01

Enjoy the April 2018 Post and be sure to check out:
– The symbolism of hidden Easter eggs
– New members who joined last month
– Pastor Phil’s response to “What can we do about the culture of hate?”

Hidden Easter Eggs

By Pastor Phil Konz | Apr 01

Easter Egg Hunts are part of the traditions surrounding Easter that don’t make sense to me.  Rabbits don’t lay eggs or eat them.  So why an Easter bunny?  And why not just give them as gifts instead of hiding them? Like most traditions, hiding Easter eggs is symbolic, not logical.  Like most symbolic actions the […]

Why doesn’t God help all people who are suffering or in need?

By Pastor Phil Konz | Mar 16

There are people who are helping to alleviate suffering and to supply what is truly needed by others. We need to understand that the usual way to receive help is through other people. This does not take away from the divine nature of the help. We are called to be Christ’s hands and feet. We […]

The Supreme Being

By Pastor Phil Konz | Mar 04

The Ancient Alien The Absent Deity The Chess Master The Ultimate Source There are so many ways that we human beings have tried to identify and describe the Supreme Being.  Generally we ascribe a singularity to this Supreme Being.  We also attribute the origin of all that exists in the material world to this Being.  […]

March 2018 Pioneer Post

By Robyn Taylor | Mar 04

Enjoy the March 2018 Post and be sure to check out:
– Why it’s hard for us to describe the Supreme Being
– How we receive help when we ask God to help those who suffer
– Eugene Kordahl’s experience with the Citizens Academy

February 2018 Pioneer Post

By Robyn Taylor | Feb 05

Enjoy the February 2018 Post and be sure to check out:
– Pastor Phil’s suggestions on unleashing your spiritual power during Lent
– New members we welcomed last month
– Elizabeth Scholes’ testimony on “Walking the Walk, However You Can”

Spiritual Growth During Lent

By Pastor Phil Konz | Feb 05

2018 has some strange calendar events.  January gave us blue super moons with a total eclipse during the second one.  Then the church and secular calendars give us Valentine’s Day and Ash Wednesday on the same day.  Later April Fools Day and Easter fall on the same day.  And that is just the first hundred […]

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