Does God want our allegiance?

Full disclosure, I have trouble with the word allegiance. It conjures up the relationships in feudal societies. We have romantic visions of knights swearing allegiance to their liege lord. Oaths of allegiance bound them to the service of a noble of some rank. Those oaths might have been given willingly. However, the idea of allegiance, or […]

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July 2017 Pioneer Post

Enjoy the July 2017 Post and be sure to check out: - God Bless Us, Whoever We Are - UCC's response to the political violence in Virginia - Pastor Phil's response to Does God want our allegiance?

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God Bless Us, Whoever We Are

Did you know we live in the United States of Henry? Well, we would have if Vespucci, the explorer that gave his name to the “new world” continents, had been English instead of Italian. The name Amerigo was the Italian version of the Hungarian saint name Emeric, a prince of Hungary who died in 1021. […]

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